It is very gratifying and extremely rewarding to be part of a client’s process of effecting positive change in their lives. Here are a few of the written comments I have received, the original can be reviewed if requested on first appointment.

Mrs H.

“I am extremely grateful to Philippa, for her wonderful expertise in helping me get my health, and therefore, my life back on track.  Her wonderful hypnotherapy sessions, the tools provided to me for self-help, and her continued support, go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Mrs H.

To say that the treatment I received from Philippa has changed my life is not an understatement! I suffered from chronic insomnia the past few years and tried various sleeping remedies, none of which were working. After implementing the sleep hygiene rules and practising the various hypnotherapy techniques she taught me, I now regularly sleep through the night and wake feeling refreshed and able to function as a human being again(!)

She is lovely and friendly, professional and encouraging, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone having problems.

Mrs J.

I began to suffer from anxiety in 2016 which slowly began to increase eventually becoming life altering. I didn’t know where to turn as I didn’t want to go down the medication route. I decided to give hypnotherapy a try hoping to get some help to master the problem I had.

I decided on Philippa after a week of thorough research, I am so glad I did. Philippa was absolutely fantastic, kind, understanding and in no hurry to rush out the door. I don’t drive but when I first spoke to Philippa she offered to see me at home. I started with 6 sessions. Believe me when I say nothing is simple where I am concerned I am not, to say the least, an easy subject.

Following my sessions with Phillipa I can now manage my anxiety, to be honest it is no where near the level it once was, and the coping mechanisms Philippa taught me are readily used should I feel that I need a top up.

I can only say if you are just starting out on the hypnotherapy route, please don’t hesitate to contact Philippa your life will be turned around for the better.

Ms A
Weight Loss

I had come to a standstill on my weight loss journey. I discussed my problem with Philippa who suggested that I try hypnotherapy. I went along with an open mind.

In the very first session I felt at ease and relaxed, Philippa was very welcoming and told me to make myself comfortable, she advised me that she would start by asking some questions, then we discussed what I was hoping to achieve, the conversation flowed between us, it was explained to me that notes would be taken so that the information could be used in this and forthcoming sessions.

As the first session progressed, I settled in and relaxed even more, Philippa had a very soothing voice and I was soon in a different place, and totally at ease. During this session I was given techniques that would help me overcome my cravings for certain foods. I was invited on a visualisation journey of reaching my goal, I was amazed at how much personal knowledge Philippa had obtained and utilised during this session, when eventually I opened my eyes, I felt that I had had a full body massage; I felt revitalised. The reward was that I soon managed to show a loss on the scales.

In the subsequent sessions , it was the same, I was totally at ease, and felt relaxed and restored. I felt that Philippa really understood me and my needs, and in each session she added more of the information that she had collated about me, to take me deeper into this wonderful state of well being and keep me focused on my goal.

I was able to use the techniques/visualisation in the way Philippa had, and my weight loss journey continued to be successful, I was doing extremely well following the end of the sessions, and knew that if I needed further sessions or a top up, I just had to contact Philippa.

Unfortunately, several weeks after my sessions had finished, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my life ‘would have been turned upside down’ but for my sessions with Philippa. Despite my diagnosis and complications I was able to recall the relaxation techniques and was able to quiet my mind and calm my nerves, at this difficult time. This was particularly so on the day I went in for my mastectomy, where I sat with my eyes closed, “visualising hearing Philippa’s  voice” taking me into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Previously I had tried many different alternative therapies, but I had not experienced the long lasting and powerful effects as I did with the hypnosis that Philippa performed on me.

I am happy to report that I am now well and back on my weight loss journry.

I would thoroughly recommend Philippa, she is an extremely professional practitioner, she has a sensitive and relaxed manner, her voice is extremely soothing and she immediately puts you at ease, she is able to ascertain and utilise information that is relevant to your needs and the effects are long lasting and the techniques she conveys can be adapted easily to different situations that one experiences.

Mr T
Habit- Rubbing fingers

Philippa’s hypnotherapy sessions have been a great help to me. Right from the first session Philippa had a very professional manner and was extremely thorough in the way she carried out the initial consultation to find the root of my problem. I found the hypnotherapy sessions relaxing and came away feeling positive and refreshed.

I can highly recommend Philippa for hypnotherapy, she has also been a great help to my family and friends with various problems.

Thanks again


Mrs M
Had suffered anxious cough for 13 years and general anxiety

I have not had hypnotherapy before and was anxious but had no need to be as I found the experience very calming. This was all thanks to Philippa. She made me feel so comfortable and I knew I could talk to her in confidence. Philippa dealt with the specific issues we talked about successfully also showing techniques that I can use whenever I need to.

It has really benefitted me and I would highly recommend Philippa without hesitation.


Miss M
Anxiety and Irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS )

I met Philippa for a few sessions to help me overcome my anxiety and take control of my IBS which is exactly how I feel four sessions later. I have been suffering with IBS for several years and have tried lots of remedies and relaxation techniques but none have done wonders like Philippa’s hypnotherapy. I felt more relaxed in each session than I ever have with other relaxation techniques. Philippa has a really open approach to the therapy and always takes the time to explain what each session will entail. She updates herself with any new issues I had to ensure we could tackle any old and new problems effecting my IBS and anxiety. She is not only professional but friendly and she always made me feel comfortable during our sessions. I had a really relaxing experience each time we met and I have learnt countless strategies I can do myself out in the real world. I received above and beyond from Philippa, not only did she make me realize how I can take control of my anxiety and in turn my IBS but she gave me so many useful resources and techniques that I still continue to use on a daily basis. I can now go to Camp America in a few months without worries.



Mrs A
Control of Sweet Tooth

I chose hypnotherapy as I wanted something to help me control my sweet tooth and help improve my health. The hypnotherapy I had with Philippa really helped me to focus on what I needed to do to manage my cravings. Philippa also provided strategies to aid this.

I found the session very helpful, relaxing and informative. Philippa was very friendly and professional. I was given lots of information at the start of the session, which put me at ease. It’s really helped me make better food choices.

Many thanks for the help.


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