Weight control on your own can be really hard. To lose weight you must consume fewer calories or exercise more or preferably both.

Whilst hypnotherapy, in itself, is not a weight reduction programme it does however support you by increasing your motivation, drive and determination to lose the unwanted weight and reduces stress, habits or emotional conflict that would otherwise make it difficult.

It helps you to adopt the habits of a healthy person in control of their weight and enables you to manage emotional eating, boost confidence and self esteem and manage your weight long term.

Many people who are trying to lose weight are constantly on one diet or another yo yo dieting. Some diets will have been unsuccessful, some will have been temporarily successful, leaving you frustrated, demoralised and not getting the changes you want.

This is what makes hypnotherapy different from traditional weight control programmes and diets. Not only does it support you as you make these lifestyle changes but it addresses your relationship with food and identifies why you find it difficult to become and stay slim and healthy. It helps you address your habits, beliefs and behaviours around food so that you understand, and get to the root cause and correct this permanently.

The aim of the programme is to enable you to forget about food and think and behave like a naturally thin person.

Naturally thin people have a relaxed relationship with food. Those who are overweight tend to be preoccupied by it. They focus on how much and how often they eat, or attach labels like good or bad to certain foods. As a result food is always on the brain.

Imagine what it would be like to be relaxed permanently around food and instead free your mind and energy to focus on anything else that you want to achieve.

I offer a dedicated 6 session disciplined direct approach programme over a 12 week period to weight control clients or alternatively a more nurturing, softer approach on a week by week basis.

Either approach requires you to be 100% committed to taking ownership of your weight problem. You are in control of your weight loss and will have to put effort in to achieve your desired result. We will work together to enable you to leave behind unwanted patterns of behaviour and achieve the changes that you want to make.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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